The navigation market has developed almost explosively since the early 2000s. In the past nine years, already more than 50 million motorists in Europe have purchased a mobile navigation device. Whether at work or at play, navigation devices are now a part of our everyday lives. It makes us not only faster but also more mobile.

But the more navigation has facilitated the lives of individuals, the greater the desire grows for more applications. Sat-navs should not only get us from "A to B ", they should offer more: information, interaction, and entertainment.

This is where POICON’s products come in. We offer you innovative additional software for your navigation system, as well as GPS warners, special destinations and so-called Points of Interest (short: POIs), detailed and always up-to-date. Beside the regular route data, the user also receives additional animated and dynamic information, such as photos and films along his route. Handy apps such as an audiobook player, calculator, dictionaries, speedometers and much more can be loaded onto your sat-nav or smartphone using our POIbase software. In this way, a simple navigation system or GPS warner becomes a constant companion with useful and interesting information for the daily life.